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Living with our heart open, without motive, we find this world to be deep, secure and trustworthy. This Light of ourself fills our Heart with Living love and a happy, sweet joy – and it does it flawlessly. There is Something Divine Here and It is Real and it lives as the Life we are. Living from the Light of this divine Presence of Life brings us a harmonious love for ourself, the sweet peace of an unbound, unpossessed Love that Life is. And out of this motiveless peace, this spacious place, we know the loving, balanced thing to do, if there is something that might need our attention. We are able to navigate with ease the ever changing situations and challenges of this world. Living brave and true to ourself, we live the Love that is undefined and flows freely with the Way of Life Itself. Love is not something we do, It is the very Life we are. Love is not something we possess nor can it be taken from us. Love is Life Itself, the very Life that is being all that is, all that I am and all that you are. It is given to me to enjoy this untamable, wild Beauty of Life, letting this Exquisite Mystery show me.