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Joy to the world in bloom – I hear a hallelujah song arising – There are two views within us—the individual view and the quantum overview, the man-with-a-name’s objective view and the holistic, subjective view. Both exactly right and both come together, in love, in wholeness, to sing the hallelujah song. We are in the wondrous days of the whole garden flowering, the Meadow is to be seen by all of us. Feeling this divine stirring, this urge to bloom, to blossom into the beauty we are. One by one, we turn within, to discover the honest Essence, the Original Self we are. It’s a blooming wonder. It’s cause for celebration. We turn around to look within, to find the Holy Child, the third level of understanding – thence to trust ourself alone. One by One, we come Home to our own Honest Heart, our Pristine Soul, the pure, divine Child we are – wherein Love is revealed as the one and only answer, right here, as the very Self we are.