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“Floral Blues” by Sandy Jones

Love is Life Itself. We are the Living Presence of this sweet carefree joy of Life. Letting go of fear, to open our Heart, we feel the soft breeze of this playful, gentle freedom of Love. We are willing to Live Life and trust that Life will do what it does, and do it all to perfection, unfolding just right. Such is the Power of Love. We are the being and knowing of the magic of existence. Can you feel this marvelous Wonder whisk you upward, filling your heart with happy, uninhibited, childlike beauty? It can, it does, it will. We can choose to Live in the Light, Live this pristine, innocent joy of the Child we are. Or we can choose to dwell in the darkness, in fear, anger, remorse, guilt, self-pity. I know that when we choose to Live, embrace Life and Live it all with Love, we change our world for the better. We have a choice, even despite our circumstances and situations, we can live the Reality of Love and watch the Power of this Love work It’s glorious abundance. When we open our heart we feel the Joy of the Child running back to us. Through Love we are born again. Without the foreboding fears perpetrated by society, education, dogma and controlling organizations, we are released and set free. Our youthful beauty returns to us. Our heart becomes full and rich and alive with the direct knowing of this Infinite Presence, the divine Power of Love. Love is fearless, we live again, our feet on the ground and our spirit filled with the Light of heaven.