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We are each given a wise and understanding Heart. The real joy arrives when we stand true to ourself. When we trust and live from our own Inner Guiding Light, we no longer blindly accept the opinions of the ‘experts.’ We are free from the ideologies and the indoctrination set forth by the authority figures who wish only to perpetuate their personal desire for power and control through fear. We find the Child, this daring, creative, uninhibited artist, the holy Spirit of freedom. We Live this Beautiful unleashed Heart, confident and true to ourself. We are not influenced by the mass delusions. We have broken free into the Way of fearless Love. The Child is ungovernable, wild, the maverick and cannot be controlled by the persuasions perpetuated from ‘out there’ bombarding us with incorrect, deceptive answers. It’s up to us. We are the ones who see the Light and Live from the this Light. We find the Child within and the mist is lifted, the spell of deceit and fear is broken, clarity and insight shines through. We find our Liberation when our True Identity is discovered. Now to live our God given freedom, to live fearlessly from the Heart that is immersed in this Wellspring of Love. We are Life Itself, right here, just like this. We are Life Divine – Life is All That Is and All That I Am and All That You Are