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Ever notice that wherever you go, You are always there? You can’t be anywhere without You. That’s true. It’s so obvious that we don’t even notice it. There is Something Exquisite here. This Magnificent Divine Presence remains flawless and perfect no matter what the commotions or events going on. You are Always Here. Life and Identity are One. You are the Awareness of this Living Presence of Life Itself. You are the “I” Witness being the Exquisite Perfect Presence of Life Itself. You are It. It is You. Divine Intelligence experiencing Itself as Identity being You. You, right here, are God’s Divine Awareness. St. Catherine of Sienna had it right, some 650 years ago, saying “My me is God…. Nor do I see any other me but my God himself.”  It’s true. And here is the Sweet Crux of this Beautiful Truth; Life is the Supernal Isness, the Deific Solipsism of Self Knowing Awareness being All That Is. Life has no opposite, therefore Life never dies and so You, this Light of Life that You Are never die. You are the essential and required aspect of God’s Being. And I must say, this is Light of Truth that makes it easy to Live, to be the Lovers of this Wild Adventure – Living the Love we are.