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Trusting in ourself, thinking for ourself, are essential if we want to see Something Wonderful blooming in our world. We are individuals made in the image of Divine Light. You are, right now, the Living Presence of Love. This Ineffable Light of Life is the Beingness of All That Is. We bring this vision from the top of the Mountain down the Mountain, to live honestly, boldly, bravely, graciously on this earthy floor of Life. We do it with ease and Joy. How? Because we found the Child within ourselves. The Child is the divine Balance, the Knowing of both subjective and objective, all at once. The Child is Love. Love sees Life’s Totality from this Infinite Wholeness, two become one, Sprit and Matter in Holy Union. From the Light of this Third point of view, we do what we are here to do, without fear. We publish Peace, we sing our Love Song, and we Dance playfully in the world. We have broken free of the exclusivity and arrogance of unyielding creeds and dogmas that discourage the individual’s recognition of our own Light within us. We do have a mind of our own, and we can rely one it. We now see why the world tries to keep us from this Self Knowledge and Truth of our divine Heritage and Freedom. The Child knows that one with God is a majority. The world unfolds within the subjective consciousness, the very Life and Light you are