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The God that I know does not belong to any religion, human government or political party. This God I know is not contained in any dogma, ideology, nor owned by any affiliate. This God I know is Absolutely Unbound and Free, Illimitable Life Itself. The God I know is not a concept, It is unbeholden to humans, eastern or western. The God I know is Here as Life, right here, present and recognizable to anyone, anytime, always – yet It is without need for recognition. The God I know is beyond both the subjective view and the objective view, even beyond the quantum view. This Unknowable Isness is Being All that we are. It includes every view point, and all things, but it is not subject to any of these things. This God I know is not a bestowing God. This is a carefree God that Includes All that I am and all that you are. My God is Love, all encompassing Love. We are the Light of this fearless Love. This Love I know is The Song of My Heart and the Light of This World. There is no authority standing as mediator between Me and this Living Love of the All That I Am.