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Essential to real happiness is the return to Wonder. Wonder brings our whole world alive with the feeling of this childlike, joyful expectation. We know Love is the very essence of Everything and we see it, right before our very eyes, just as it is, just like this. The Light goes on within us and everything around us becomes illumined. Wherever we are, everything now shines with this joyous and extraordinary sense of Wonder. Our entire world is lit up with this brilliance we are. We return to the Wonder of the Child’s pristine Heart. Before I learned to read or write, I loved to draw animals and flowers, people and things. I loved that box of crayons and all the colors. That unfolding wonder of seeing something appear on the paper, right there, expressed from the heart of childlike innocence. Somewhere along the way, I started to doubt this sublime Tenderness within me. And so I began to conform and cover up my guileless Beauty. We all do this, in one way or another, we reject our Holy Innocence. But that purity is not dead and is not gone. This Original Child is here, right now, alive and perfect. We can call this Living Beauty back to us. We can uncover this childlike delight we are – and Live again. Then, we look around us with the glimmering radiance of this pristine Soul, to see the world with the eyes of Wonder and Beauty sparkling through everything. The world is changed, as we dare to Live from this illumined Heart of Wonder and Joy.