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The feeling, the sweet knowing, being touched by the Truth, Something Real, a Holy Light dawns with a clarity so gentle, so easy to know. Sweet Life. It all seems to be blooming full and bright with wonder and Love. Life is an unfolding, joyful glory. I realize it’s all here, in this open heart, right here in the tender feelings. I have found the Meadow, a graceful, colorful garden, filled with the sweet bliss of honeysuckle magic in the air. We can live with this Pure Heart of ours open to the unknown, then, to feel the joy of love and the living wonder of being yourself, fearless and divine. Life is a Holy Mystery. The seeds of Love are within our Heart and one day, without doing anything, an explosion of truth bursts into glory. We look around and see the Inexplicable, and we understand. Oh yes, when we find our True Nature that childlike delight of our Soul, then we see there is more, so much more. The gate to the Mysterious Garden opens, we walk in. The rushing vitality takes us into It’s Beauty. We hold on, and we run with it. Free as the wild winds. We dance, we are Life Itself, and Love is as natural as the sun and moon frolicking together to the rhythm of God’s celestial symphony. It’s easy. The Peace, this swing and motion of Love, is boundless and eternal and it’s all right here in our Heart.