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Sensitive and alive, our spirit is lightened, we are lifted up by this electrical mystery. The living dynamic currents move us into the wider view of nature’s law and order, we rise above time. The divine synchronicity of events is governed by Something Higher, the unrestricted velocity of this Unknowable Illimitable Light of Intelligence. In the reflections gleaming upon the immensity of this Love glistening in the sunlight, we realize the shimmering beauty we are is not separate from the eternal heavenly Light we see. Now, assuredly knowing we are this sublime event happening, we can enjoy the enterprise of it all. In your melodious voice I hear the singer of connection and feel the reverberating music of your timeless existence. We are dancing fiber optic fusion in Love. Fully alive in this atmospheric expanse, above matter, beyond time, playing in the magic of this divine adventure. Right here, it happens, the instantaneous Cosmic Spirit takes us across the event horizon, out beyond the distant edge. From this expanse we gaze with the eyes of the seer to know this Unseen Light that guides and moves all things.