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“Evening Light” by Sandy Jones

This Divine Light of the Ineffable Unknowable includes the whole of Life, all of it, nothing left out of this Infinite Isness Being All That Is. The Child is the Living Sprit of this All Inclusive Adventure of Life Itself. The Child is not afraid to Live the fullness of Whatever Is. There is nothing that needs to be gotten rid of or changed or made to suit the human opinion of good and bad. This playful Light of Love is the Way. We embrace this Living Wonder of Totality that Is and forever will be. What Is and What Is Not creates the Whole. It becomes very clear to us, the Child is the powerful third step wherein we find genuine Peace and Understanding. In the Wholeness we find our Freedom as this pristine Spirit lives this Love of Self Knowing. This Knowing is our Identity, the Spirit of the Ever Lasting Light of Freedom. We let go the fears perpetrated here on the ground of the world. We rise up to see the Intangible spirit as the precursor for the tangible world, and we know that Timelessness is the forerunner for form’s sequential appearing. Freedom reigns here as fear falls away gently in the Wonder of this powerful Light of being Our Self. The Heart of Knowing is filled with Love, anointed in the recognition of this ever ongoing limitless Presence being the Life of all that we are.