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“Piano” by Sandy Jones

Love is here, simply by the fact that we are here, that we exist, which means we are never outside Life. Life, existence, awareness are one Isness Being All That Is. People, places and things appear to come and go. But Life remains the Illimitable Light, without beginning and it has no end. Life is not a tangible thing, It is the Supernal Unknowable Timeless Presence. The Being of Oneness and the Doing as Personal individuals, are not separate, they are One Action, Life authenticating Itself. We are the ongoingness of Life, coming to understand and know the Child of ourself. We are the Living Light of this Timeless Beauty expressing as each and everyone of us. There is no personal possessor of Life, while yet, Life is being both this Presence, right here, and the individual expression of Identity as you and me. In this understanding, we find Love. Love has no fear. This is our Dominion, allowing us to live from this childlikeness and simplicity, in confident anticipation of the unfolding wonders that include everyone and all things. It is a sense of peace, of coming home, feeling secure and happy through this exquisite experience of Love that we are. We go all the way around and back to knowing and knowing we know. We come home to our Self, the pristine Child, the eternal Song in our heart, that is always Here