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Peace arrives when we find this Original unconditioned Identity of ourself. We find our pure, natural Self, the one we were as children. The Child is the Light of Living Awareness – aware of Its own sweet, pure Selfhood Divine. The very Awareness that Is All That Is, really is All That Is. We come alive to knowing and Living as the pure fresh childlike Infinity we are. The Child is able to see Life in It’s wholeness, Its Divine and All Inclusive Perfection that includes both the wheat and tares, both light and dark, both Is and Is Not, All included as All That Is. And the Child understands. The Child is at peace, in Love with it all, just as it is. Amazed, because there is nothing that needs to be gotten rid of, nothing that needs to be changed, or fixed – not a thing. Now, from this Heart of genuine Understanding, we Live again, right here in the world. We let the tares grow with wheat. We see the entire field glimmering, golden with Love. We Live in the Light of this Love as the Child. Here, we feel the gentle breeze of Eternity’s sweet breath that brings the Real and Unbound Joy