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This is a photo taken looking out of my art studio door. My friend Jane, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, was visiting me last week. She took this really lovely shot of the garden in the early morning light. The gardeners did get here a few weeks ago – and yes, they were really good. They pulled the weeds by hand and trimmed the trees, raked and cleaned, it all looks really nice. I was told to get in line and wait, because they are the best in town, hence, very busy. Well, they are the best in town, and worth the waiting for. Though, my love, you know, no one would do it as well as you, my sweet thing. Tenderly here in my heart, as I can see the little stone paths under the glorious trees. The Light flickering, dancing to a joyful melody with my sweet Life, my love, it is all here, all that is holy and divine.