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My sweet joy and this wild wonderful Life full to overflowing with such a bounty of random, unorganized beauty. I have no desire to tame my world. Seems best to let it move the way it moves and to love the untamed Mystery of it all – all of it. It is the most difficult things that turn out to be our most valuable teachings. The world appears to be in the throws of some Grand and Glorious Blooming. Let it be. I know for myself, I will stand by faithfully, in expectation of the arrival of the New Day. I know full well I can trust Life. Living in this world of time and matter is the way we will uncover our own fearless Soul, the childlike heart. United with Life, I will love my way through it all. This objective world of duality, male and female, night and day, all of it is as much the Holy Spirit of God as nonduality and the precepts of quantum Oneness. It all comes together because we are in Love. Here in the world we live the Infinite Intelligence that is made of opposites. It’s all designed to perfection. Harmony living as the joyful, infinite play between opposites – the Love that makes things whole. Two are necessary, they move with each other to create a powerful synergy, a dance, a love song. We are living the ancient wisdom of the Tao, the yin and yang as you and me. This is It. This Divine Union of the two in Love gives birth to the Holy Child.