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Truth isn’t bound to meet human expectations. Truth is not beholden to the precepts of reason and beliefs. Truth includes reason and belief, but Truth is Inconceivable. We are the Living evidence of this Inconceivable Reality. We are the Living Evidence of this Unknowable, Intangible Mystery. To our good fortune, no human can enclose, determine, tame, confine nor control this Living Mystery. Truth is Absolute. Truth is Love lived and known through you and me, right here, right now. It is our own Self knowing. Love is our existence. No matter what we think or do, good, bad or indifferent, we are always here, up close and touching this Divine Presence, the sacrosanct Reality of Life Itself. Love prevails even when we don’t see it and don’t feel this Love – It remains who we are. Love is the very nature of all that is. Love never leaves us. it is abiding, unbroken, timeless and illimitable. We let go human logic and beliefs, hence to recognize the Beauty of ourself, to feel the wholeness of Life being all that we are. Love is Life – from the beginning