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You know, if you want to carry your baggage with you, then why not pack it with all the things you love – sweet memories and precious treasures, the gems of light and truth that you have gathered along the way. Take the journey, collect what you love the most, keep it with you, if you want to. But, just bring the things you love. And if there are things you have carried for much too long, things that only weigh you down, then toss them to winds. Now you can keep traveling light and easy, sweet and breezy. Bring the very special gifts that make you smile. Then, when you stop somewhere and you open your luggage, you will be dazzled and delighted by the glorious talents you discovered along the way. We are on a journey in search of treasures. Keep your favorites with you, tuck them close to you – and then go on your way. Make your trip bright and effortless. Let the souvenirs remind you of all the love and beauty you found in the little villages you came to. And see what will come to you, as you move along, as you travel on.