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Immeasurable Love holds us close in the swirling beauty of this world. We are the living evidence of this glorious Illimitable Light of God. Its divine validation is here as this wondrous world of you and me. Scientists searching the vistas all the way back to the Beginning. When they get there, they will realize that God Is the very Light in their eyes. It’s the alchemy of Love. Our love, you and me, in the arms of this immeasurable Love. We are the divine pleasure of God’s marvelous experience of Itself. God remains immutable as all things change. And there It is, I see your sweet sunshine smile. Oh, I do love this charming Spirit you are. Your sacred heart hears the Music of the Spheres. Love makes everything beautiful. Let’s dance in the night through starry dreams, wrapped up in this love, this tenderness entwined with the comfort of your powerful enduring peace. We are the celestial beauty sailing on wings of this heavenly, holy symphony of Love.