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Trust yourself, you know. There is a true and pure Heart of ourself. Bust loose, break free, find the Living Mystery and Magic you are. Dare to open yourself to the creative power you are. Save yourself and you save the world. One by one the old thinking falls gently away. The Way of Reality comes from within ourself. It is about returning to that imaginative, carefree, childlike place within us. That place where the Eternity of our Self is. That Eternity we are, that one is the Child and the Child is not afraid to wonder and to dream and to live in the world fully. This is a Love that lights the fire of the soul. A Love that is Divine and it is the Eternity of who we are. We ignite from within, as we reclaim the Child we are. No other word for it, the Child is our Eternal Selfhood, our pure, unconditioned Original Self. From here, from this Marvelous Core of our Being, we find our own sparkling spirit that is quite capable of living in the world with grace and fortitude. That Child is willing and easy, flexibility is Its strength. We are, right now, touching this Eternity of ourself. We are capable of living in the world open to the Spirit of this higher view, the unbound, edgeless Way of freedom. It is knowing who we are that brings the Living Joy down to earth and the unbound pleasures of Living and Loving you –