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I never went the way of those who advocated that we should meditate. It was not my way. I am glad I didn’t go that way. But it seems we find our way Home, wrong turns, right turns, ups and downs, this life time or another. This entire experience, the good and bad of it, all of it seems to be for a Good reason. Each on our own personal journey. I never liked authority. I didn’t like school. I never sat at the feet of a guru. I always did it my way, sometimes for better, sometimes leaping too fast and going right off the edge into the briar patch. But it all seems to have been for this discovery, or uncovering of my own Divine Beauty, right here, as the very Self of myself. It was here all along. And all of it led me back to this Sweet Unrestricted Joyful heart of the Child, the Original Soul. Seems no matter how we get there, or how long it takes, we do come Home, we find that sweet liberation we are, right here. So, of course yes, I have fallen in love with my world. This Soul I am, it is my whole wide world entire. God I do love this. I know that one way or another. One day we thank the suffering and that is the day we become fearless and free. My joy is knowing that no matter what seems, no matter what it all appears to be, glory be to this most Marvelous Mystery – we all find our way back to this Undying Beauty we are –