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Whatever unfolds out there on the political scene, will eventually lead to something good, sooner or later. Sooner, when we keep our own council, which is to return to trust ourself. And sooner when we don’t look to government, politics or religions to bring the world to peace. We have learned that peace begins here, one by one, within ourself. We can trust that, and put itto the test. Clearly there is Something Wonderful that stands Immutable, Changeless and Real being who we are. It is Something that has always been and always will be. And there is no doubt that Love is Real, it is immediate and unfluctuating, always here. Love is the very Identity we are. It is a wonderful world. It is a profound experience knowing happiness is here within us, despite the changing scenery out there in the world. We get to enjoy the marvel of this Universe that exists all by Itself. We realize the profoundly impossible of this amazing Mystery of Life – that It remains untouched, unharmed, always here, perfectly present, no matter what storms might come to change the landscape. This world IS magic. We awaken to the Wonder within – and all these delights and sweet surprises come waltzing in to dance with us. We come alive to this Living Presence and we feel the mystical rhythms of Its passionate, living love song.