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It’s a wild river, surging with the powerful energy, a youthful vitality of joyful anticipation. I hear the forgiving laughter of angels that comforts like a lullaby. I am taken by this love for shooting stars and captured by the beauty of this heaven that unfolds right here before my very eyes. The beauty is that we have this incorrigible faith. We are here, roaming through the lands of love’s mystery. We are often amused by this strange place. This totally Mysterious Captain taking us on a trip and telling us deliciously funny jokes. I am completely enticed by the ways of this charmer, I am enamored by every sweet morsel of this harrowing adventure. We might do well to all wander unsupervised, watch where this Love takes us. This vast ocean of mist and dreams is boundless with ever changing currents and conditions. Might as well take our chances. We’re not lost, we are exactly where we are. This fine Captain seems to know where we are. When I look around us, there is no doubt we are sailing on the cosmic sea of sparkling jewels, emeralds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, gleaming on this vast eternity, a heavenly turquoise mirror of sea and sky. This world of ours sparks and glimmers with the golden sunrise fire, captivating my soul, it warms my heart in sweet tenderness and the precious tears of Love. Where are we now? Oh how enchanting. Where do they go? How dazzled I am as things appear and then disappear. I am delighted by all this marvelous magic. This whole entire experience has been a sky full of lucky stars, always lucky