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Taking chances is more of a feeling than a literal, tangible doing. It’s more of the verve of a risky spirit. It is daring to be open to Life, with nothing between you and This. We are brave, we are willing to take our chances to see if Life, Truth, Isness, Love, Reality, God – really is ALL in all. That’s It. That’s the chance we take. We find a knowing in our Heart. Then we must prove it for ourself. We are willing to experiment, letting go of the controlled, restrained, fearful, bound, hardened old mind-set and we leap into Life to see for ourself. Wide open, fearless, we let our unconditioned, pure, vulnerable open hearted Beauty lead the way, we dive right in. This is when we find the Child of us, the feeling and knowing of this Living Reality, immersed in the Wonder and Joy for Life Itself. Here, the Heart is not afraid of Life. That’s the gamble, the risk the chance, no longer holding ourself back, but willing to find the Truth for ourself. Have a love affair with The Divine, this Living Presence that is right here as Life Itself. Letting our Heart be completely bare in the unprotected Innocence of our pristine childlike trusting Self. When we take the chance to feel the awesome Living Truth, to touch Life, we fall in Love and we come fully alive again.