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Tenderness blooms in Love. Love is the freedom and carefree joy to be no more than what we are, just as we are. Love does not push, force or prescribe. Love has no fear. We are infused, submerged, enveloped in this Love. Time to dance, to celebrate the joy of this mystical existence of being. We are the Light of life, the marvelous magic, the living mystery and the ever-flowering beauty that pours through all things. We waken in the night to the moonlight song echoing ten billion Light years of Love. We dive into the darkness of this unfathomable depth of Life that is right here, renewable and plenty enough for all. In the moving currents of our unbound Spirit, we are filled with delight, sailing through the middle of our own Infinity. The curious enigma, dressed in the soft pink light of the world enchants us. How marvelous this goodness is, filling us with a million joys. This Divine River of Life moves all things. We let It take us and It proves It’s Love absolute, faithful and true There is no need to tell others what to do. We don’t have to change a thing. The True and Real remains fresh and new and cannot be lost.