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There was a time when I thought that nonduality implied there is no distinction between things, that words and judgments were anathema to the Truth. But thank God, my Heart took me back into the world of mystery and magic, back to all the beauty of Life and Its infinitely glorious distinctions. My world has come alive again, in the way I saw things as a little girl. Oh, but now, even more marvelous, wondrous and bountiful. Everything is unique and special, just the way it is. There is a flowing, moving, changing beauty of colors, light, time, things – all of this is the ongoing magic, evidence of the Unknowable, Immutable Presence of God. The words, the sounds, the touch, the whisper, feeling this love, so warm and close. All my senses are more acute. I am seeing life as fresh and new in a million moments, strung together in a symphony of Eternal Light. Sharp and visible now, the Beauty of the this sacred world is so evident in everything, everywhere. It all came back to me, when I realized that little girl, so pure in heart, her precious innocence, she was what I had wandered off looking for. In that realization she returned and I bloomed into my wholeness. And I know this is It. This Child is the Soul of myself. This is the Way. Now, everything real, fresh, sweet, gentle and soothing – distinctions glimmer, sparkle and shine like the green grass after it rains