Posted by on Aug 14, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Climate Change

Climate change happens when the climate within the spirit of a large number of people changes. It’s the quantum mind principle, the observer is the observed. Life out there reflects how we weather the storms within us. The fluid Mind of Divine Intelligence is being this Identity we are. The balance, the ebb and flow, the intelligence of the earth and its climate, its weather, is connected directly to the heart, mnd and soul of us, the inner atmosphere of each of us as individuals. So, if there is climate change, I surmise there must be an overload of high anxiety in the heart and soul of a majority of individuals – tipping the scales of earth’s conditions. No way to fix things out there, until we fix the environment within ourself. You can do it real easy. Go back to your heart and soul, find that childlike authentic peace and your easy flowing balance. Rediscover the sweet waters of your holy spirit. Forget about politics and all the fear the media conjures up, forget about changing the system. Find yourself and you will be changed for the better, find the unbound joy of the carefree Child you are, reclaim the cool breeze of love and let it flow through you – test it out – see what happens.