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¬†With a change of heart the world changes. When we discover our Real Identity, the world around is lifted up to where we are. It’s some kind of mystical magic thing. We find the Child, the Authentic Soul of ourself and we leap playfully into this life, fearless and true to ourself. Doing good for our world comes through our own self discovery and Joy of living It. We change the world as we live from this creative, uncensored, unrestricted heart of this holy spirit. We make the turn around and come back to our own connection with Divine Intelligence. The Child is our true Self, living open to Life in joyful expectation. We live from real freedom- not a freedom bestowed by political systems or governments, but the Living freedom of the unbound Life, knowing who we are. This freedom is within ourself, it is based in real love, beautiful and rich with the vital spirit of self reliance. This is the love that is fearless and has no agenda, has no need to control life or others – it has no need for governments or rulers. This the heart of true Love, the uninhibited delight in this living security we have found. The True heart of us is filled with the boundless beauty of the Divine. We thrive in this immeasurable sanctity of freedom. Feeling Life’s love, touched by It directly, our world is refreshed and invigorated. Living from the heart, we look around, dazzled by the brilliant colors of this wild flower world reflecting our own heart.