Posted by on Aug 18, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Breezy Surprise

The evidence arrived when I suddenly realized I had been trying to get rid of the very thing that I needed most, which was Myself, Me. That discovery led me straight back to Joy. I had uncovered the Living Illimitable Light my unadulterated Self. Yes, the very fact that I exist means that I am sitting right up close, next to Reality, God, Existence Itself. We are the Ever Present experience of Light as Life Being – we always were and always will be.

When we rediscover this Pure Soul that we came into this world to be, we feel like a little kid again, riding our bike down the sidewalk on a happy, bright, breezy summer day. Do our shoe laces still get tangled in the peddles? Yes, sometimes, but does it matter?  No, not at all. We just get up again and keep going. We have discovered that the Life we are is never harmed by the changing scene. Liberated from guilt and fear we are unencumbered by the ways of the world’s beliefs. We are delighted by Life and the Unbound Joy of experiencing the entire ride, tangles, falls and all. 

What a surprise. The sweet breeze of laughter and love touched my Heart. I was Life Itself, the unbound, timeless , everlasting Presence of Existence – the answer was always here – and I’d been here the whole time.