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My beautiful, playful, zesty Jupiter, planet of good fortune is coming back around through the heavens. I can feel it touching me with its jovial, high vibrations. It’s pulling me by its slow spin of enamors gravity. Yes, I feel lucky. And this morning I received another big order from Amazon for more of William Samuel’s books. Jupiter in Sagittarius is all about writing and publishing. Perhaps Jupiter is my holy connections as to why I was gifted with the copyrights for all of William Samuel’s books. I know how important William’s work is, so, over the years I continue to keep all of his books in publication. I had no experience in publishing at the time I inherited his literary legacy, but somehow I figured it all out. Among the bountiful joys in my life, are the many of you who have discovered William and his liberating message. I tell you honest and true, his message will lead you back to your own divine equilibrium, your own gifts that come directly from the Child Heart of You, the Unobstructed Spirit. The Child is the pristine fine wine of Life. It is the ever flowing source of joy and laughter, fearless and free. “The Child Within Us Lives!” is a magical book — see for yourself – with every reading, it will be ever new—and your experience likewise. There are Mysteries and Secrets contained in the pages, all of them related to the Divine Imprint already present in the reader’s heart.