Posted by on Aug 26, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on To Live Again

We rediscover this Innocent childlike, unconditioned, pure, unquestioning soul of us. We are still children at heart. We can find that Sweet Beauty again, and live again, right here, pristine, untroubled and free. That’s the amazing Joy of this rediscovery of the Child. The Child is our Original Self. It is imprinted in our DNA. Do you remember those early days when we bounded with innocent enthusiasm and imagination, before doubts and distrusts became a controlling factor in our formulations? We can find that unadulterated, tender, loving Soul of ourself once again. Happy childhood, unhappy childhood, makes no difference. Both contain the basic elements of the first trusting child who had no occasion yet to distrust; of the original child who had no reason yet to disbelieve. For some, the change happens more quickly. Those with the unhappy childhood seem to rediscover the original state sooner than the pragmatic and those with the joyful, unchallenged times. The grand Rediscovery and its refinement is surely, and merely, the wish to live again.