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The government is the problem with the education system. The blatant ploy of free stuff, free health care, free education is an offer to bind you to the limited, dogmatic, uninspired, fear oriented and politically controlled rules of the government. The government is not designed to open the vistas of the mind, heart and soul. It is designed to close off and limit the view of Life wherein nothing can grow and thrive. Trust yourself. Trust your own Inner Beauty, your Sacred Heart, the Light of Unbound Joy that you are. You are freedom itself. Given to you because you exist. You have a mind of your own, you can think for yourself and –glory be – the Light is within You. Now is the time to live your way, in your own exquisite marvel of creativity that comes with being open, honest, true to yourself to grow in the full Light of Truth. Anything offered from the government or religions, offers to keep you safe and secure, will only imprison you and keep you bound by fear. Take your chances, pick up your crown, place it on your head and trust the divine authority of your own Heart and Soul – run with it – unbound from guilt or obligation, run into the Meadow of carefree, limitless joy, where you get to do it your way, the Way of Illimitable Love.