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The dynamic lovers of heavenly visions await the unknown. We shall see where it all goes. I feel the peaceful beauty, birds singing in the cool morning air, as I cut some fresh roses from the garden. My spirit is captivated by the splendid pinks and bright yellows, mixed with the rich radiance of blue sky. This passionate morning light glistens in beams of golden charms draped with crimson beauty to enchant my soul. Doing what my heart is called to do, lifted by love, as life fills the entirety of my heart with the magic of it all. Enjoy the bouquet I’ve placed on the table. It’s for you. The weather has been glorious here for such a long time now, each day unfolding in glimmers of perfection. Watering the garden, inhaling the rainbow sprinkles of colors and light, I feel the peace of this living holy presence. And how delightful to see the answers blossoming with divine vitality and boundless, fresh magic in every moment.