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And I walked into the Meadow of this sweet joy. it was here in my heart. It is here within the heart of us all. It awaits to be found. This Meadow will come into view for all of us, when we uncover this Living, Unbound Soul of ourself. The Soul is the Self we were before the world was, and It is the one that goes with us when we leave this tangible experience. While we are here, we can find this true and soulful heart of ourself and thence it is our delight to live fearlessly in the world. When we find this Living Beauty of ourself, we see Its reflections sparkling in the world around us. Our world has turned into a mystical meadow of color and love songs, a rich harmony, filled with many layers of deep, soft wonders that unfold like magic. We feel the gentle touch of this Soul like a cool summer breeze. This sweet companion holds our hand and shows us the easier way through this world. We have found the Divinity of ourself. Now we are not afraid to live in the Light of this childlike Joy. We find It, right here in the world. And when we find this Divine Identity, the pristine childlike Soul of ourself, we see it in others, we see it shining, glimmering, tender and dear, in all those we love.