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“Swirled Floral” by Sandy Jones

It is the most beautiful moment, feeling the fresh breeze of a new day touching my soul with love. The Holy Presence of Love is here, steady and true, strong and clear. This Love is the Light of the day and dark of night. Life moves in soft currents. We learn to ride the currents, the ebbing and flowing of It’s Mysterious Being. We are alive with this Living Presence of Light. It swirls and dances with us. We are Lovers. We are enamored by this Song of Life. Happily innocent and free, enchanted, we let it take us. We bring it into us, closer, intimate, feeling the love go deep into us. We are taken by this Holy Lover, the Infinite Allness of All That is. Embracing Life, feeling Its powerful strength and tenderness hold us. This is a Love that sails on the wings of an Infinite and Divine Intelligence. It leads the way. This Lover knows things that we don’t know. Our purity and innocence trusts, as the Lover proves Itself trustworthy and true. The mystical marvel of this Universe is happening all by itself. And this alone is the Living Miracle we fall in love with. As Lovers we are filled with sweet, fervid anticipation, watching the unfolding beauty expressing as all things. This Love is here always. After all, the world is nothing but the Holy Magic of an Unknowable Magician. We are taken by the Living delights and sweet surprises as this Beloved comes waltzing in, lifting us off our feet, to dance, to spin, and play in the rhythms of this passionate, sanctified Love affaire.