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Just the other day, a woman in my shop noticed my book “Barefoot at Heart” displayed on the checkout counter. She was delighted to see I was the author and so she bought a bunch of them to sell in her place of business. I was happy that her clients might read my story and then perhaps be moved to read William Samuel’s work. It’s quite clear throughout my book that it was William Samuel’s message that led me back to this Joyful, unbound, creative, guileless Spirit. My book is really a testimony to the Child that I discovered. The Child is like a Sacred Fulcrum from which all else about the world and life, seen and unseen, is understood in the clarity of an ongoing Light. Without the Child at the helm we are adrift in the fog on the Sea of Life. The fog lifts when we rediscover this clear Light of Child we are. I wrote my book straight from the Heart of this Self-knowing Inner Authority. But, it was William Samuel’s book “The Child Within Us Lives” that revealed to me the way back to this guiding Light within myself. He charts a course that leads us to our own Self discovery and thus our own ongoing joyful freedom. That’s a nearly impossible task, but he does it. My sweet wonderful world, I am delighted to see so many enjoying my book, which was my pleasure to write — but It does seem to be doing a good job of sharing William’s work as well. Thank you all for the Beauty and Love you are.