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Within our heart we make the cognitive blending of the subjective and objective, or spirit and matter – and voila, out comes this Exquisite Knowing of the Mystery of What Is. We find our freedom in recognizing that our experience of duality is the Living Evidence of God. We see that tangible and intangible are the two that are one. Knowing the perfection of Life, just as it is, is to fall in love with this Holy Beauty we are. We feel the joy of this living and intimate connection with Life Itself. We are Life and it is us. Duality and non-dulaity are wed to each other, as one, indivisible in holy matrimony. This is certainly not a feeling of detachment, but a feeling of wholeness. We feel full and rich, peaceful and comfortable in this Love that is All That Is, as it is. Yes, Life is sweet and easy when there is no fear. There is no fear because we know, without doubt, that Love is all that is. We give into it, sweet surrender to it all. We are open, vulnerable, sensitive, willing, receptive and giving. We flow with this ongoing moving, unfolding Mystery of Life. We are the world we walk through. Life is who we are, this whole wild, unbound, wonderful, down to earth, simple experience of our Self