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When he died, I died. At that point, that’s when grace found me. Grace, grace, unearned and unexpected came to me. Gently it washed over me. It opened my heart. That’s when it happened. Something about having nothing to lose, I guess. I was open, no longer needing to hold on to anyone or anything. I was alone, raw, stripped, vulnerable – my heart torn wide open. That’s where I was, and that’s when this Untamed Beauty found me. Life, the whole world itself, came rushing into me, over me, through me, like a great, wild sweet river, it surged, taking me with It. Sweet Life, my beloved one. Life, my unbound Soul. Life has no conclusion, no boundaries, no right or left, no beginning and no end. Life Itself is who we are, right here, this, this is it. Open and letting it take us, It knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Life and I are one, one Self. It unfolds as I live it, proving this to me – there is no doubt. There is no other way to know except by Living It. And then, it shows us Joy, it shows everything, It touches us, moves us. Life and me, we are one Self. We are the ever-ongoing flow of understanding. This is it, you are It, whether you know it or not, right here. Life and you, one single, only Self. It will show you, as you live It. Let it in, open and willing. Intimate, in love with it all, It proves Itself to us – there is no doubt. We live It and we know.