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Something in pink and red, for the Strawberry Moon tonight. It’s the full moon in Sagittarius. What a joy it is to be in love with this whole wild world of ours. I will spin and dance through the cosmic cycles, enchanted with this starry eyed wonder that never lets me down. Sag is a freedom lover and I love to let everyone do it their way, whatever way that might be -I know we are all on our way to find the big treasure. Each on his very own adventure to discover our Beauty and Joy within us. We are here to fall in love with who we are. Our freedom is hidden under the veneer, hidden deep in the heart. Uncovered, vulnerable, open to the Light we see our exquisite beauty. We follow the treasure map that is within our heart. We take the risk and trust Life completely. We find the treasure and then we know and we toss the map away, we let it all go, we run free. There is a Light here within, it shines bright, steady and true. And now we know God, the Infinite Presence of Life itself, Isness does it all just right, just like this, just the way things are. It’s my pleasure to stand back and see what happens in my world, my magical world, because it’s always magical and it’s always right and good. OK, so celebrate the Sagittarian love for freedom, independence, fun, laughter, good friends, creative passion and being adored. Or, as I used to say to my kids when things got them down “Nothing that good gin and some home made cookies can’t fix” – That made them smile – Sweet love