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Piano | Painting by Sandy Jones

Sinking softly in the depth of this world, I have seen heaven here, right where I am. This sacred heart is in tune, feeling the rhythm and harmony of the living sounds, the song of Life. Celestial strings play, I have heard the music of the spheres. I used to wake in the middle of the night hearing choirs of angels singing. The glorious vibrations of the sound would be moving through me. The Infinite cosmic song is watching over us. It was a love that was felt deep in my being, I was touching the everlasting radiant splendor of all that is, all that we are, all that I am. Beautiful sounds in the peaceful comfort of the night as the old clock in the study would chime and the starlight twinkled outside the windows, pure and bright in the crystal clear high mountain air of the darkest indigo sky. And I awakened by the music, feeling the man I love, there, next to me, warm, close, his heat, his heartbeat. Love holds us in the arms of this undying beauty and Eternal Presence of Home.