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This Joy of Life is the Child. This Child that has returned to me, it is in the lead, here, It’s in my heart, it is Joy Itself. It shows me the way and how to live in this world. I sense a freedom now, a freedom wherein I am in love with myself and in love with my world. Wherever I am the Joy is. I feel the richness of simply being. My days are full with much commotion, between the quiet moments, alone in the garden, with my two cats near by. I soak in the peaceful beauty, the sparkling diamonds of light reflections dancing on the green grass. I called a gardener last week. He’s the best in town. He’s so busy his team won’t be able to get to my place for another week or so. Well, that’s ok. I can go with this wild, unkempt overgrown beauty, it feels lovely to me. Yes, it is a wonderful world. But, I know why. It is because I found the Child. Without this Light within me, I would not see this world with these eyes that behold so much beauty and love in all this. The Joy is an inside job. The Child I am is the true heart of understanding. My love, this feeling of love, peace, happiness, does not come from the world out there, it comes from this Child within me and this Child’s sacred knowledge. I have been freed from the ties, the reliance on the things and situations of the world. The Child is transcendent, and yet she includes all that I am, everything that is, and all the ones I love – so yes, it is a wonderful world.