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I am sailing through a complete polar shift, the winds of change moving it all, keeping it right on course. The Divine is writing this story and I am excited about the magic that is unfolding. I can see it on the horizon. I am living this miraculous victory. The resurrection of the Child has been the captain of this unfolding sweet adventure. Now, taking me into a world of Infinite possibilities as this sweet fresh sea breeze of Life blows across the flowing waters. My little boat has brought me to a bright, happy, sweet wildflower meadow. Here, I have a spring in my step that lifts my heart effortlessly. The joyful expectancy blooms like a glorious apple tree, the rich ruby blossoms open into never ending beauty. I am leaping over the edge, soaring in the moist sweet wonder of a whole new world. The Jedi Light of this Child leads the way. I listen to the singer of intuition as she calls to me. Divine providence opens the doors and I see the expansive energy of Love that explodes into the impossible achieved. It is a mystical and magic world, dazzling with the glittering Light of all that is, all that we are. –