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Yes, and I found that Life and God are one Life, one Living Infinity of “Yes.” And God is good, because God is Love. And we are here, experiencing all this depth of wonder and light that God is. Right here, being all that we are and all that is. I also discovered that God is All that I am, but I am not All that God is. This is important to know, because it frees me from thinking I have to be what God is. Or to live up to an image or idea that I think God is. No, I just get to be me. Just like I am. You and I, we are not responsible for anything. We are not God. We may not be able to change things, but we can choose our feelings about things. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable. Our attitude is up to us, no matter what the situation. Our feelings are not subject to things that happen. Things happen, that’s life, we win some, we lose some – But despite what happens, we get to choose how we feel about it. It makes no difference to God what we choose to feel. God remains unchanged by what we do, what we think, or feel or what we believe. So there it is, that is the Beauty and Wonder that is what I am always elated by, just that. Nothing more than this incredible Fact of Love. Love, that is my untethered soul, simply inexplicable and It is. So, for me, I will feel this Sweet Joy – the sweet joy of Life. And I do.