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It is Love that does the work, simple, honest, credulous, tender Love -giving and receiving love – Love alone. I awoke this morning, astounded by this joyful sense of wonder, childlike giggles and delight bubbling through me. I am in the meadow filled with the most marvelous peace. I am in love with this wild thing, this love of mine, the magical radiant Joy of my heart. Love is the wild thing, the infinite fire of the Spirit, the flame that warms the earth, and melts the coldest appearances. The morning light of golden sunshine is showing me that love is all there is. It is here, clearly here, being every manifestation of God. God is love and God is this infinite love, from the guileless embrace of children to the gossamer, lilting lift of butterflies awing, dancing over the lavender, glittering in the sunlight of this joyful meadow. I am steeped in unlimited Love. It is the warm feel of a lover’s touch, the singing heart, and the gentle of tears between simple friends. Love songs and whispers, it is the bundle of paint brushes on the table, and fresh bouquets of flowers, as I paint. Colors, light, contentment, all here within me – the sweet air, the soft breeze from the summer garden, water fountain gurgling a gentle soothing sound. The beauty of Life has just overwhelmed me with its unceasing love. It is this peace that has become me, this joyful happiness that moves so deep and reaches into the illimitable mystery of my own infinite soul. Sweet, sweet world of such comfort and wonder and delight – and this is the light of love eternal, all right here, filling my heart to overflow – it is, it is.