Posted by on May 27, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Salty Breeze

This morning the cool salty breeze from the sea is drifting through the valley. I love it when it does that. I breathe in and I go back in time. The little girl living at the beach smiles in my heart. I am free, there is no time. Isn’t it such a wonder how the mind can move beyond time, while never leaving here, no matter where I am? This glorious life feels so extraordinary, just being here, it is all so deep and fills me with an exquisite love. I am reminded of my beautiful days in the ocean, the deep mystery of the sea when a big wave is coming and I dive under, dive down below the wave, not to be caught by it’s powerful rush to shore. Then to rise up and out on the other side of the huge swell. Well, the Child I am, She is Me and her happiness lifts me up, pulls me to surface of this wild ocean of Life and I breathe in the miracles and wonder. Another wave coming – and I’ve got it just right, I catch it, it takes me with it. I’m held by this perfect wave of crystal blue joy, moving together, in the thrills of delight, in love, all the way to shore. An Immense Beauty has found me again and it flows through my Heart. Every moment is so alive and fresh with this wild delight of the Infinite power of a Love that is not confined, of this Love that has no bounds.