Posted by on May 17, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Riding Waves

I grew up at the beach. I loved to spend my summer days on the sand, by the sea. I could lay there for hours, covered in coca butter and soaking up the sun. I would drift into bliss, in the warm sunshine and the cool breeze, lulled by the rhythm of the waves breaking on the shore and the gulls’ call as they sailed above. And that exhilarating, refreshing dive into the cold, clear, salty ocean, to catch a few waves. Not a worry, or fear, not a concern for self, just the sweet tranquillity of being. I’d melted into the universe without even knowing it. Well, these years later, for some unknown reason, that same feeling has returned to me, fully, wholly, returned to me. The gentle pleasure of this unbound Love has come back to me. This is the Child, the unscathed, free spirited Heart and Soul of us all. It is right here, right where we are. That’s the beauty of this marvelous Light of the Child, It is the Way of Tao, moving and flowing easy, melting sweetly with and throughout this tangible world. The Child knows how to ride the Wild Beauty of Life, like riding a clear blue wave, taking the challenge of whatever life brings, with willing childlike wonder. This natural way of the Holy Spirit is flexible, strong, agile, moving in trust with this wave of Infinite Mystery. We ride this Living Love that moves all things. This is a Love ungoverned and ungovernable – It is a Love that is Real.