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Such divine wonder it is to be here experiencing and exploring the Light of Omniscience – the Light of Love, the Light of our bountiful, boundless, beautiful Self. I see the heart and soul, the eternal presence of this sweet Universe entire – and a song comes to mind “…Until the twelfth of never — and that’s a long, long, time…” Such is love and children, and sunshine and divine Omniscience. What a great word that is. Think of it; Omni means All and Science means ‘knowing what is’ – So Life, Infinite Mind is the Divine Intelligence, knowing Itself as All that is. It’s All here as this Living Light, un-beholden to time and space, but including both tangible and intangible, knowing what IS and IS Not and loving the Totality of All That is – Oooh sweet, yes, the Truth is Love. To live and love What Is because it is All that is and That’s It. Sweet freedom. yes, that’s what we are. Enjoy the whole, wild, marvelous adventure. Cosmic cowboys riding the wild territory of God’s smiling delights, yes we are