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In the words of Lao Tse, we hear him say: “The concept of Yin is ever present. It is the Mystic Female from whom the heavens and the earth originate, constantly, continuously, enduring always. Use her!”

This is the marvelous Way of Tao -To come to realize this world of matter is inseparable from God. We are not to deny or turn away from the tangible world, but to understand the beauty of Yin. Ours is this experience of the Infinite Timeless Yang unfolding as this world of time and matter, the magic of Yin – embrace her, take her, use her. Yang is the essence of God we cannot see, except through the experience of the Mystical Female, the world. We live both Yin and Yang at once, simultaneously, the Known-Yin and Unknown-Yang – One Totality. We are the sensual experience of God as this world, natural and beautiful, ever enduring, always ongoing. Yang is the Original Mystery, Eternal Source, the Unknowable Godhead from the beginning. God is Total and All, It is Infinite Mind and It includes all of itself, both Yin and Yang – the inseparable two that are One. When we realize this visible world is Yin, the living evidence of God itself, then Life gets a whole lot sweeter and easier. We are living the merging of Yang exploding with Love into the infinite expression of His sweet beloved Yin – always and forever – use her.