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This sweet peace and equanimity that has found me, it is the Beauty of my Soul, it is the Child. This Child is divine and it is who I am, the everlasting Soul of myself. It is the pure, innocent, beautiful Child that is within us all. Well, I have no inclination, nor could I ever be persuaded to go back to being a ‘grown up.” The childlike heart is pristine and bare to this Infinite Love. I sense the deep and magical wonders of this Universe. It is the Singularity of Love, from out of the One Love, came all that is, self-aware Universe entire. No one needs a permit to Live, to Love or to be free. I will dance in the starlight of this glorious firework display you are, under all that spinning, exploding light in the midnight sky. I see your smile, bright, like this swift moving, electric connection to our own timeless Light of Love. The Light you are will set the world afire in celebration of this boundless glory of Love that is who we are – and we really are. Feel the sweet comfort of this honest peace that tenderly entwines us, holding us close, dancing to the sounds of this celestial song of Love