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This song of freedom sings from the heart of the Child we are. This Child is directly connected to the Light of Divine Intelligence. The Child is our eternal Soul, our original Identity, existing before we came into the world. This Child is still here, pristine, innocent, unharmed and free. It lives within us, as our very own Messiah, and when we rediscover It, we know what was meant by the second coming of Christ. This Holy Light Divine, is the Child. This healing Love returns to us, born again, within ourself. It is ours and we are it. This pristine Light of the Child we are, cannot be controlled by the powerful fear based forces of society’s beliefs. This Living Love, this Holy Spirit of ourself has no fear. And as long as people are afraid, they will allow others and everything else to have power over them Рwith fear as the ruling paradigm, nothing in this world will change.

Oh but there is a way. There is no fear in this Unbound Joy of the exalted Child of ourself. This Child within is our divine authority. This is the Love that has no fear. We live again, fully here in the world, secure, strong, daring, honest, easy and true. We find the Child and we find the bedrock stability of spiritual Essence. The dynamism of the Spirit is never stagnant. It moves and flows and rushes in with ever changing freshness, knowing what to do, and how to do it, with wisdom and grace.