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Einstein said “I believe in the God of Spinoza who reveals himself in the beauty and harmony of all things and does not concern himself with the fates of men.”

Oh yes, I love that. This is the honest vision of Life that comes straight from the heart, right out of the natural wondrous ways of this childlike, open beauty. There is no complexity and no fear when we live from the natural, exposed, tender honesty of this uninhibited expanse of our self. Life is the playground of our very being. We are the harmony and beauty of what is – we live in the sweet expressions of this smiling expanse of ourself.

All this is the Reality of who we are. It is the bold and unpretentious beauty we are. We find the pearl within us. It gleams and shines, deep in the depth of our own ever present eternity.

This is being alive, natural, genuine, uninhibited, like a child. Nothing to get, nothing to change when we realize the perfection that is. Now, to live again in the simple joy of being, The happy love of this Living Presence is confirmed as own living experience of existence. We see the harmony and beauty of self- being-viewing- Itself- here, as all that is. The heart understands the synergistic wholeness of inside and outside as one – above and below as one. The natural purity of the heart sees it all from Perfection’s perspective. This is not a vapid emptiness – quite the contrary, this is the discovery of Love and Its divine blooming abundance as the fullness of ourself, as this infinite, sensuous, joy our own living richness.